Reusing My Stuff

Because I have a strong belief in sharing and not being all crazy about a game, anything on here that can be considered an original base (suspenders, overalls, stuff like that) is perfectly allowable to recolor or adapt off of. Just make sure to give credit to Babyz Costume Shop. :)

Site History

Babyz Costume Shop was created in August of 2003 as a place to share all the clothes I hex. Up until 2010, the site stayed mostly the same. In March of 2010 I completely redid all the coding for the site, making it easier to update and maintain, as well as just cleaning the code up. For the other coding geeks out there, the entire site was moved to php instead of static html, making it a million times easier to add new content. Ironically, this actually created more files to upload for the initial change over, but fortunately will completely limit the amount of times I will have to go in and edit the actual code.

Past Layouts

Version 1.0 - Duck!

Version 1.0 - Duck! (8/6/2003 - 8/11/2004)

A very cute look that stayed up for the first year of BCS's existance... Had pictures of the rubber ducky on the banners and along the right edge of the frames. I liked this look alot.

Version 2.0 - Dolly and Me

Version 2.0 - Dolly and Me (8/11/2004 - 8/7/2005)

Another cute look that featured the game's dolls along the frame edge... Blue and pink. Very fun and colorful...

Version 3.0 - C is for Cookie

Version 3.0 - C is for Cookie (8/7/2005 - 8/6/2006)

Fun, green themed look feature lots of yummy game cookies along the edge. Very cheery and playful.

Version 4.0 - Going Ghost

Version 4.0 - Going Ghost (8/6/2006 - 8/27/2007)

Based on my favorite tv show, Danny Phantom, this look features black & white and a doll I hexed especially for the side bar. My interest in this theme also spawned a costume and two babyz.

Version 5.0 - Tickled Tosies

Version 5.0 - Tickled Tosies (8/27/2007 - 9/8/2009)

A theme based on socks, of all things. Fairly simple look: pink with images of socks all over the place

Version 6.0 - Under Construction

Version 6.0 - Under Construction (9/8/2009 - 3/20/2010)

A rather simple look with wooden edges and stuff like that. Was really just something quick to put up after the move to a new server. I appologize for the "server not found" error in the screenshot. It was taken after sqweebs went down. If I get a chance I'll get a new pic when I can.

About Me

Hey, my name is Brittany. Currently, I'm 29, and my birthday is March 22. I've had the babyz game since 2000, and have had websites since 2001. You may also know me from Cotton Candy Babyz and/or the assorted babyz forums that are out there. I go by ButterflyGirl most of the time. I'm not as active as I once was, but I still love to hex things. I tend to lean towards the more odd side of hexing. I am from Ohio and am in college, though after this semester I'll be graduating. In addition to hexing, I also like to knit, crochet, and program.