Random Knitting Chart

This generator is meant just for fun. If you do decide to knit a chart you get, your best bet is to surround it with a border that will not curl...just in case...lol Chart is shown as seen by the right side. You can choose to put a purl row between rows, or you can replace k for p and vice versa on wrong side rows. If you want something less textured, replace all purl based stitches with their knit equivalents. If you select the "Mirror chart" option, the entire chart will be mirrored to the right of the chart. A black line will appear at the center of the chart, where you may wish to add a knit stitch if two YO's end up next to each other.

Width in stitches:
Height in rows:

Stitches to Include:
Regular: Knit Purl
Decreases: Knit two Together Purl two Together Slip Slip Knit Slip Slip Purl
Increases: Knit Front and Back Yarn Over Make 1

Mirror chart